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Private Acupuncture
Individual Treatment - $75
Package of 5 $325.00
Package of 10 $600.00

Community Acupuncture
Individual Treatment - $35
Package of 5 $150.00

Individual Treatment - 60 min. $65
Individual Treatment - 90 min. $95
Package of 5 60 Minute $300.00


Individual Classes - $12
Package of 5 for $55.00 ($11/class)
Package of 10 for $100.00 ($10 class)



Yoga and Pilates Classes - $12 class, 5 for $55 ($11), 10 for $100 ($10/class)

Meditation $5.00


Meditation with Gita Kundrod, Sunday, Jan. 14th at 10:30 -11:30 am. $5

Gita Kundrod"Hi, I am Gita Kundrod and I've lived in Harleysville for the past 23 years. I was raised in India with a Jain philosophy which has similarities to every faith but is very close to Buddhist philosophy. I have always been interested in finding my inner peace. Even though I've known about meditation since childhood, I've never really practiced it until a few years ago, for more than 10 minutes. I am grateful to my life's happenings to lead me into making meditation part of my life every day. Meditation is helping me to become peaceful, more focused, less worried about discomfort, and more appreciative and attentive to my life happenings. Best of all, I am slowly becoming aware of the tremendous wisdom available in the universe. I find group meditation helps one to grow along with others as the Atma / spirit connects with others when our minds are quiet. I will guide the different practices that I follow in various sessions and one may choose what works for her/him.

We will practice the Zen meditation technique to start. It will be two 20 minute sessions. It will be practiced sitting on the floor with Padmasana pose. Bring a small pillow to sit on as we will be sitting for 20 minutes at a stretch. If sitting on the floor is not possible one may sit on a chair. Zen meditation involves breathing and posture."

Yin w/ Mary Foering Thurs. 6:00 pmMary Foering

Yin Yoga is a therapeutic practice that targets the deep connective tissues primarily located in the lower half of the body, encouraging flexibility and joint mobility.  Passive postures, mainly on the floor, are held for approximately 3 to 5 minutes.  Yoga props including blankets and blocks are used to comfortably support the poses.  Yin Yoga is appropriate for practitioners of all levels including beginners, and may complement a more active yoga practice.

Pilates Mat Fridays 11:00 am

Kris Heffner

Pilates is a way to stretch and strengthen your body, primarily focusing on the muscles of the core, which span from your hips to your shoulders. Mat pilates is done on the floor using an exercise or yoga mat, which employs controlled breathing during body weight resisted movement to build core strength. Exercises in mat pilates can also involve basic pilates equipment such as a pilates ring, resistance band, or weighted balls. Pilates mat is an All Levels class. Modifications are always available.


Denise RandallTeen/Tween Yoga Workshop Series

Come and Bring a Friend for a 6-month series offered by Skippack Acupuncture! You can join us for a single session or the entire series!

Who: For Tweens/Teens ages 12 to 18 years old.

What: Focus of the practice will be learning how to quite the Mind, Meditation, Breath, Yoga Postures.

              When: Every Third Sunday of the month from
          10:30am - 12:00pm

      Where: 4080 Skippack Pike
Skippack Pa, 19474
Phone: 610-584-2340
Email: info@skippackacupunctum

Cost: $20.00 per Class, if series is paid for in full,


will be reduced to $15.00 per session Sign up early and reserve your spot on the mat!

Dates:  12/16/17; 1/21/18; 2/18/18; 3/18/18.

Skippack Acupuncture Yoga Instructors

Mary Foering
  Mary Foering

Mary Foering has been practicing yoga with her husband for the past ten years. As a retired elementary school

teacher Mary ties together her love of teaching with her passion for yoga.

In 2015, Mary completed an intensive 200- hour teacher training program at MOYO Yoga Studio in Skippack, PA.   Since then, she has been teaching yoga locally.   A guiding principle in her practice is to move and breathe through yoga poses with mindfulness.  Mary welcomes individuals who may be new to yoga as well as guiding the experienced yogi through a balanced practice.

Off the mat Mary enjoys hiking, skiing, and time spent with family and friends.

Kristin Frederick
    Kristin Frederick

After completing 900+ hours of training, Kristin is well versed in various styles of yoga, and more importantly, can attest to the positive benefits of yoga. Specifically, she is a CYT 200 in Power Yoga and a CYT 500 with YogaWorks. Her focus is on making yoga accessible and sustainable for all. Kristin is well versed in injury prevention and management. Her classes are breath centered with an emphasis on anatomy and alignment, in an effort to promote both mindfulness and body awareness.

Kristin has devoted hour after hour to her practice and teaching because she believes yoga can be transforming. Like many do, she came to class feeling disconnected from herself and beat up by life. She felt that the world owed her something because of her pain. As Kristin developed a regular practice, her outlook began to change, and over time yoga helped her to not only to build a better relationship with herself, but with others. Whether it be in her class or someone else’s, Kristin truly hopes that you give yoga a try and reap the positive benefits that accompany the practice.

Kris Heffner
Kris Heffner

After the loss of Kris’s parents, dealing with grief and sadness, Kris was introduced to yoga as a suggestion from her sister as a way to help her with the grieving process.  Kris found that when she was on her mat, she was able to cope, settle her mind, and find peace within and a sense of spirituality.  Being a busy Mom of 2 young boys Kris knew she had to be strong for them. Yoga became a way of life for Kris. This is when her journey began.  Kris has been practicing yoga for over 9 years and is RYT 200 hour yoga teacher and a proud member of Yoga Alliance.  Kris’s main goal is to provide her students the amazing benefits yoga has given her over the years.  With the focus and power of breath, meditation and guided asanas, Kris leads students thru a safe and rewarding practice.

Becky Nunez
Becky Nunez



Yoga came into my life shortly after a giant leap of faith. Less than 2 months before my first class, I left my steady, full time job and took a position as a full time nanny to allow me the opportunity to soon go back to school.

        I started my certification at Power Yoga Works in spring 2013 and am working towards my 200hr RYT, and am currently pursuing my education to become a certified Health Coach including a certification in Holistic Nutrition. Being involved with such a positive, supportive community doing something that I love           

After some chatting and a lot of questions with a friend, I took my first power yoga class at Sol Yoga Studio. I had hopes of finding a physical activity that would not only have me motivated to keep coming back, but would also be an outlet for stress and potentially help with sleep! I left that first class knowing I’d be returning the following week but had no idea at that point that I’d found my new passion in life.

Over the next month or so, it became my main form of exercise. The combination of the physical and mental benefits had far surpassed my expectations, and I had found a wonderful community of people that would soon become a family to me.

I started my certification at Power Yoga Works in spring 2013 and am working towards my 200hr RYT, and am currently pursuing my education to become a certified Health Coach including a certification in Holistic Nutrition. Being involved with such a positive, supportive community doing something that I love and believe in so strongly has improved

my quality of life in more ways than I could express. For the first time in my life, I’ve found the confidence to dream big and chase those dreams. As an instructor, I am excited to share the gift of yoga and all it has to offer with anyone willing to give it a try!

Denise Randall

Denise Randall

Denise Randall began practicing yoga eight years ago when a friend invited her to attend a class with her.  She loved how she felt after leaving the class, balanced and nourished. She continued to attend a variety of classes and began to develop a home practice as well. Yoga has helped Denise to find balance in her life.  She decided that she wanted to share her love of yoga with others and enrolled in Anahata Yoga’s teacher training program. Denise completed the 200 hour teacher training program and is also a member of Yoga Alliance.  Denise works for a local elementary school and have been given the opportunity to share yoga with the children. It has been such a joy to see how the practice of breath with movement has helped them!  Denise have taught Gentle classes as well as Yoga for Children,  Teens 

and Athletes. Off of the mat, Denise enjoys spending time with her husband and two girls as well as her extended family and friends.





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